About the Carl Schmitt-Wagner Winery

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Our Philosophy

To produce great Riesling wines, many factors must come together perfectly. In the winery, traditional methods are combined with modern concepts harmoniously. Most importantly, centuries of experience have proven that quality starts in the vineyard. Our Mosel valley vineyards have to be cultivated in such a way as to produce quality through the conscious reduction of grape mass. Thoughtful selections are made at harvest time by collecting only healthy, fully ripe grapes. In addition, the purity of Carl Schmitt-Wagner comes from nearly 6,000 ungrafted European vines, planted in 1896 , in the Maximiner Herrenberg Mosel valley vineyard.

Our Dedication to Quality

While it is true that the quality starts at the vine, before the Riesling is filled in the bottle the grapes and juice must take a "long walk" through the winery's cellar. According to Schmitt-Wagner tradition, the methods used for producing the Riesling wine include careful treatment with the wooden winepress, which was built in 1911, and a controlled fermentation in thick oak barrels. Once in the barrels, the least amount of intervention should be used as to not disturb the natural development of the young wines. Modern cellar technique is used only when necessary to create perfect harmony in the wine, and must conform to the producing philosophies that have been used by the Schmitt-Wagner family for decades. This practice guarantees the wine customer very fine and fruitful wines that are good for one's health. These wines also have a very high potential for longevity. All our wines are estate bottled.